This letter is just for you!

Take a look at what your dollars accomplished through Fleet of Angels in 2019



Dear Friends,                                                                                                              January, 2020

We are very grateful for your contribution to our work and we're so happy to have you as a valued member of our team of angels!  Thank you so much for your support!  We want to tell you how we’ve used the funds you donated to us.  

2019 was a very busy year for Fleet of Angels!  As you know, the hurricanes, record-setting blizzards, wildfires, and other big crises just kept coming!  With several hurricanes on the east coast and in gulf states, multiple fires in westerns states, a bomb cyclone that affected over half of the states in the nation, and much flooding that washed across states from coast to coast, at no time during the year were we ‘on a break’ from helping equine victims of natural disasters and other life-threatening emergencies.  With your help and hundreds of our registered FOA members, we were able to provide equine evacuation assistance and temporary stabling for horses all over the country whose owners lacked either funding or equipment to get their own horses to safety. We also provided many other services and assists, including permanent relocation of horses whose existing homes were no longer able to provide them with what they needed to be safe and healthy. We also helped provide emergency feed through our FOA Emergency Horse Hay Banks and our Emergency Horse Hay Micro-Grant Program when equines were in real trouble.  We’d love to think that this non-stop need for urgency to help horses was a one-time thing, but we know from weather and science experts that this is probably the ‘new normal’.  

In addition, FOA’s members who help transport rescued equines all over America facilitated low-cost transport missions on an ongoing basis year-round, transporting newly equines from danger to safety at discounted rates for FOA, making it possible for scores of rescuers and adopters to take them into their homes and hearts. We also helped several nonprofit rescue facilities by funding a portion of the transport costs related to equine exchanges between rescues,  enabling more horses to be adopted across the country. Thanks to our donors and grant providers, we’ve been able to offer matching funds to help cover the cost of transportation in some cases to help rescued horses be saved when covering the entire cost of the trip home was simply not feasible for willing adopters. To put it simply, your grants and donations have enabled many more people to save many more horses that were in crisis. 

We are excited about being able to continue to help in this way as we develop more positive and productive relationships with individual donors, organizations, and foundations who’ve seen our work and want to be a part of what we do.  We are most grateful that you are among those!

We could not have accomplished any of those massive missions without the contributions of supporters like you. Our motto is ‘Teamwork works!’, and we’re so proud to have you on our team!  Thank you sincerely!  We hope you'll continue to support our lifesaving work.

                      Very Best Regards,    




                       Elaine Nash


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