Graphics and Posters

Fleet of Angels originals

Please enjoy taking a look at some of our orignal graphics.  You're welcome- and encouraged, to copy and share them on your social media pages as long as you don't edit them or remove the Fleet of Angels web site information.  Please check back regularly.  We'll be adding more posters frequently.  

In the works . . .

FOA Director Elaine Nash is designing a symbol specifically for equine quarantine providers to post at their properties, on their trailers, web sites, and social media pages.  The design adapts the officially accepted quarantine symbol that is generally seen in regard to the quarantine of humans, making it ideal for use by equine quarantine providers.. With the addition of horse, mule, and donkey/burro profiles, it will be easy to identify those who provide proper equine quarantine services.  Although not shown here as a rough draft you are welcome to copy the equine quarantine symbol below to use if you are a quarantine provider.  Addidtional versions of this new equine quarantine symbol will be added when ready, including 'Equines Under Quarantine' warning signs, and a variety of other useful products depicting the Equine Quarantine symbol will be provided to the public soon.
Fleet of Angels' directory includes over 225 equine facilities that provide quarantine services to equines purchased from kill pens, feed lots, and auctions. 
This design draft is the property of Elaine Nash.  It may be used to promote proper quarantine of high risk equines, or to identify facilities or equipment that provide equine quarantine services.  
Design may not be edited.