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Your home base for supporting FLEET OF ANGELS' lifesaving programs

In response to natural disasters and other major emergencies, Fleet of Angels helps hundreds of equine victims a year stay fed, in good care, and out of dangerous or deadly hands while their owners recover, repair, and regroup, finding long term solutions to temporary crises. We are only able to do this with your help. Each of our programs  is a vital component of our mission, and every single donation matters.

Please choose one or more Fleet of Angels funds (below) that touches your heart most, and contribute what you can to help us help equines in crisis. 

Thank you!
Teamwork works!

GB - Urgent Need Fund photo .jpg



Let Fleet of Angels direct your funds where most needed. FOA receives multiple emergency grant applications and requests for other critical services every week - sometimes several a day. We carefully vet each one to determine the validity of the request, the severity of the situation, and the appropriate action for us to take. This is a way you can know that your funds are doing the greatest amount of good possible - where most urgently needed.

GB - Natural Disaster Fund photo.png


Whether for a current wildfire, hurricane, flood, or other disaster, this fund helps equine victims of disasters and other critical emergencies have the aid they need to be safe and in good care while their owners recover find long term solutions to  temporary crises. Donations to this fund are generally directed toward a current disaster where requiring FOA's assistance.

GB - Bonded for Life Fund photo...jpg


FOA created this program in an effort to help keep closely bonded horses together during rescue efforts, emergency placements, and adoptions. These application-based micro-grants of $250 each are provided to encourage the keeping of bonded horses together for their emotional well being, and to help rescuers and adopters cover the initial added expense incurred when providing lifetime care to two bonded horses rather than only one. 

GB - Rani photo...jpg


In late 2021, Rani, a senior mare of the rare Marwari breed, was discovered in Pakistan by Fleet of Angels.  She was broken, starving, and overworked - near death. FOA created a sponsorship program, hired a bright, young, English-speaking Pakistani representative to be our eyes and ears there, and made arrangements for Rani to be retired from work and have the food, facility, and proper care that she had long needed and deserved. Thanks to the exchange rate that makes US dollars go far there, sponsors are asked contribute as little as $5.00 per month to help provide feed and care for Rani, her elderly owner Baba, and Haroon, FOA's project representative in Pakistan. Thanks to sponsors who make a monthly contribution to this program, Rani's level of care has been vastly improved, and she is now provided  with good feed, water, and TLC daily .  Monthly videos on Rani's Facebook page keep sponsors updated on Rani's new life.  New sponsorships are always needed. 

GB - Ukraine horses photo.png


As millions of Ukrainians evacuate to safe countries, hundreds of horse owners are staying behind, risking their lives to feed and protect their horses from the ravages of war. FOA has been able to provide lifesaving hay for hundreds of horses in Ukraine since the early days of the war. A great deal of help is needed there, and only funds earmarked by donors for Ukraine are used in this way. 

GB - Non-equine photo.png


On occasion, FOA is asked to help a dog, cat, or other non-equine animal like llama, alpaca, pig, etc. that is in crisis. Since we don't use funds donated for equines for any other animal crises, we like to have a small fund set aside to help other animals who desperately need assistance and haven't found it elsewhere.  Please contribute to this fund if you'd like to help us help other animals when urgently needed.

GB - Operations Fund photo...jpg


Fleet of Angels has to cover monthly expenses in order to continue helping equines in crisis. This is an expense we seldom mention, but need help covering. Contributions earmarked for keeping Fleet of Angels rolling forward are very much appreciated. 

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